Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from the Son Reigns Ranch posse to you.

Friday, December 19, 2008


Normally we don't see a lot of the fluffy white stuff - otherwise referred to as snow- but this week has been a rare exception. Not only have we had snow- but more than a foot of it fell at our house. It is the most snow any of our children have ever seen at once. Which is funny since both Frank & I are originally from upstate NY where it was snowy all the time.

It is, however, slowly melting. But with nights in the teens its not happening too fast - and when it does it is going to be slushy muck. We are anticipating possibly another blast this week (I personally am hoping it does not come this far south) just in time for Christmas.

And while you may be thinking 'awwwww, a Christmas snow'... we spent almost 2 days without power and we do not have enough wood on hand to weather another storm. Several of our trees did lose quite a few branches, but it's not dry wood & the chain saw needs more gas. Plus the roads are already a slushy muck and our truck is not 4wd. Frank's scout is, but it is not registered.... so I am headed to town tomorrow morning while Frank heads to church. Our feed for the horses was not able to be delivered yesterday & they have no idea when they will be able to get here so we are down to our last few bags with an unknown future as to when the 2000lbs we ordered will arrive..... so there are some challenges associated with the snow. Friends of ours are snowed in on their mountain and trying to dig out today.

I have a ton of photos on my facebook account, I will try & get some on here a little later.

It is very pretty though.

******An update on Shy :******
She found a great home with a marine Frank works with.
And she is doing GREAT!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Do You Have room in your life for me?

About a month ago a horse we bought almost 2 yrs ago became a source of trouble. The owner regretted selling him a yr a half later (the owner that I allowed to come visit Guy due to the fact that this owner sold him because she said she could no longer ride him because she had cancer) and she began to make our life a nightmare.

she called animal control and while they found no case against us, they did promise to return in 30 days just be be certain that our horses (who did lose some weight when I miscarried) did continue to gain weight. Well 30 days had passed, last week. No animal control. UNTIL. today. around 8:30am the officer came ..she said "the horses look great" which should have been the end of the story-

but it wasn't.

I have 8 dogs living at my house. She gave me a week to get rid of 4. several are the result of a "temporary" thing gone permanent.... but one is a purebred yellow lab only a year old this month. She needs a new home and fast, or she is shelter bound. I have 7 days to comply.

SO please help!!!! I

need to find Shy a home. She is AKC registered, micro-chipped, up to date on all her shots through Feb 09. She is just too much for me to handle. She is a power house! She does well with older children(she will knock down little ones), dogs and is OK with cats. She needs a fenced yard where she can run. She is crate trained, but needs someone to train her of the basics(she can wiggle sit). She came to us a few weeks before the miscarriage and since then we have really not given her the attention she needs. She has a lot of puppy in her!

If you know anyone who might me interested in her send them to my website please!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

something is always changing

Once every 6 months or so Frank and I completely re-arrange a room. This time it is a 3 in 1 room. My living room/dining room/classroom all is in the same room. Which at times makes things a bit challenging.... but on this fun and friendly adventure which was started early last weekend (and is in it's final stages even today -almost a week later) was interesting. As we moved the speaker it "rattled" so, as any good desert dweller would do...Frank investigated further...

He placed his hand inside the speaker hole to find a bounty of treasure

and even an almost brand new "Tow Mater" Hezekiah was beside himself the next morning!
a glimpse at the "loot" - YES, all of this was in that speaker!!!

And then this is just a cute one.... frank bought this little snowman for me. i call him my desert snowman, because that's about how long one would last out here.

It's been a bumpy week with homeschooling, but God is good, thank goodness He never changes.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Accused of being a grinch....

I used to love Christmas. the tree, the lights the baking the flurry of excitement December brought. The Family traditions, the celebrations, the gifts...

but recently I have been accused of having a "grinchlike" attitude toward the holiday that is coming. I think though, that perhaps for the very first time I am viewing Christmas differently. I see the horrible greed, the angry people, the lack of holiday cheer. I see the tree as an adornment that we are warned to be cautious of even bringing into our home (let alone adorning it with silver & gold). I see the many things we do- often with the very best of intentions- take away from the One we are saying we are celebrating. Using His birth (which btw probably didn't happen on Dec 24th) as an excuse to become frivolous.

Maybe it is that I haven't been back to see family in over 3 years, maybe it is just looming how much the economy has squashed my ability to buy for our children, but maybe just maybe I see the holiday as the excuse of a pagan holiday that it is. You see the birth of Christ & the way we celebrate this holiday have really rocked my perception this year.

What are we taking away from our children if we don't have the Christmas lights, the tree, the gifts? Can we still bake and visit with family & friends without compromising the reason we - as Christians- are supposed to be celebrating this holiday??

I don't mean to cause any strife among my friends. This is not a debate, simply my own personal thoughts and even questions. Can we even honestly celebrate and honour a Saviour amidst all the glam? How can we put it all about Jesus when He really gets so very little in all this? I mean...? If I spend hours baking, wrapping, shopping, cooking, cleaning and whatever else we do to prepare for this holiday... do I spend nearly as much time with the one I call Lord? Or do I put Him second to all the other "stuff"?

I pray I do not.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

facebook neglect and sunrise in the desert

OK honesty time, I have been neglecting my blog because I have been busy playing on facebook ( a few too many hours a day I might add).... so neglect has set in- and in an effort to clean away the cobwebs I thought a new post would be in order.

I woke up early this morning and saw this beautiful sunrise outside my window- It was so very pretty I stepped outside into the cool crisp air to snap a quick photo- ya know, right before my toes froze and I ran back in the house, didn't stop for the coffee I should have to get me going, and snuggled back in right next to the cute toddler snoring away....

Then as I caught up on the blogs I read I found this post with a super fabulous giveaway. All you have to do to enter is donate $10 (per ticket) to a terrific cause! This giveaway ends Dec. 14th and Mckmama assures you she will get it to you by Christmas!

It's the time of year where friends & fellow bloggers "elf themselves"
crazy but true. I couldn't figure out how to do it last year.... maybe I will try again as the holiday draws near... or not?

Then this evening, I quickly snapped this shot ( a blogger must always have a camera ready I am learning) the big sis was washing dishes and the little sis wanted to really help. And although the little sis washed more of herself than any dish the desire is there to be like her big sis... and what a great big sis she is!
<>< jennifer