Monday, November 24, 2008

Kiah tales and packages

Late last week we received a package for no particular reason- and like any other family -mine loves to get packages, especially from grandma and grandpa. This one was unexpected though, no-one(including daddy) seemed to know it was coming. And after receiving the box of fun Italian clothes (Frank's dad had just gone to Italy in Oct) only a week before it was an unexpected surprise... the photos tell a better "story" than I can....

after waiting all day for daddy to get home from work on Thursday, when he finally arrives everyone wants a hand in opening the mystery box
mmmmmm... a pannettone - an italian sweet bread
and then Justyn got silly with some salami & cheese
(I think he watched a little too much KungFu Panda)

cheese from Italy
obviously Maryrachael is more interested in a the bread!

And what do you do with salami?
MaryRachael says "You eat it!"
and she LOVES it!

and the cheese? well when it's imported from Italy...for the first few days... you sniff it.

And then there is a cute Kiah story (there is always a cute Kiah story) so , yesterday as we were cleaning up from Sunday dinner- Kiah comes running in. He says "mom, come quick Mantis is outside and we have to go get his autograph". My kids just saw Kung Fu Panda for the first time and for those of you who don't know Mantis is one of the characters in the movie. But Kiah was just sooooooo cute! And although it wasn't really mantis from the movie, there was no convincing him otherwise.

the secret life of a mantis: "I know KungFu"

The Italian princess wearing the cute outfit from italy Grandpa Joe sent

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