Friday, November 7, 2008

Why does it feel like midnight?

It's 8:29. The older kids are watching 102 dalmations, the husband is snoring in bed, the littlest one snoring right alongside her daddy.... and it feels so late.

But it's not.

I have recently discovered the neatest internet tool (and yes I know I am behind the times) it is called facebook It's free and totally fun. I have found people on it I had not seen in more than 20 years. Man, I AM old!

And there are a lot of post worthy things that have been going on... a Marine Corps Birthday Ball in Primm,NV, the keys getting locked in the truck courtesy of a Micah who was VERY upset that he missed his violin lesson because of it, among other things, an election that rocked history that my husband is not allowed to comment about as Mr President Elect just became his commander in Chief...but honestly I am exhausted tonight! And picture uploads will have to wait. So until then...

A great BIG thank you to the great friends who watched the kiddos Thurs & Fri!!!!


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