Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Am I thankful?

I woke up this morning considering a thankful post, like so many people will write, but as I was thinking about it I stopped and wondered 'Am I really thankful at all?' or Do I take so much of it for granted?

Am I thankful this morning for the breath I have or do I take that for granted? Am I thankful for the life out here in the desert or do I long for other places? Am I thankful for the warm little people snuggled close in my bed even though it means I woke up with a stiff neck? Am I thankful for the house that I have even though it it modest and has flaws? Am I thankful for the warm water running to take a shower with or do I complain that the bathroom in which the warm water runs is cold? Am I thankful for the clothes I have or do I want more? AM I thankful for my husband ALL the time or do I concentrate on his flaws? Am I thankful for my 5 beautiful children all the time, even when they are on my nerves? Do I always see them as God does? Am I thankful for my friends or do I sometimes feel unloved? Am I thankful for the church family I have rather than for those we have had to leave behind? Am I thankful for our 'ranch' or do I often see it as more of a burden? Am I truly thankful at all?

Sometimes I really am not. I am guilty all too often of seeing the glass half empty rather than half full. I can see the flaws in my life much more easily than the blessings.

We are supposed to share Thanksgiving with friends, but I have 2 kids under the weather(and more beginning to sneeze today)... and my dear friend graciously said 'come anyway'. I know she means it, but she did have some valid points. When we go to her house the temperature drops an average of 15 degrees. So if it's cold and rainy at my house this morning, you can bet it will be snowing at hers. She is concerned they could feel worse out there because as they go in and out and play in the cold...well, ya know...
so as I am pondering what to do, I am sitting here wondering
"Will I be thankful just to stay home?.... alone... and enjoy my own family...tomorrow?"Hezekiah made this turkey

Whatever your plans tomorrow, May you count it all joy. May you see God's blessing in it all. may you see the abundance in your lives. May you hold fast to the promise that this world is not our true home and may you stop and bless those who have never heard the Good News of Jesus Christ as you go about your thanksgiving busyness rather than simply pass them by.

Justyn's turkey

MaryRachael created this 'turkey'
and colored this one

I hope to post a few more photos of what the kids have colored.
To see something Arianna did go here

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