Friday, November 21, 2008

how do you get a mama bear to growl?

You say something like this on The View on TV.

I am not ashamed. I homeschool. I have homeschooled for 10 years now. I have a complete class.

My eldest is a shyer student, but as she has grown older I have encouraged her to blossom. She now volunteers at the local library and serves in the church nursery.She calls the local Christian radio station and recites scriptures. She has friends but chooses them wisely. She reaches out to many around her. She has a beautiful quiet spirit.... unless you are tickling her.

My firstborn son is the class clown. He is always the one with a joke. He has a hard time remaining seated for long periods of time. The public school system would have labeled him something by now- but at home he just is who he is. He is not shy, he is articulate, he is smart and memorizes and learns easily. He can almost hold an "adultlike" conversation with you.

My second born son is a thinker. He loves to learn. He loves to try new things. He plays the violin and wants a camera to learn photography. (he is 7) He still loves to play normal games with other children his age. He speaks well - sometimes beyond his years.

My thirdborn son is my snuggler. Sweetest disposition. He is just beginning to learn reading and writing but can certainly count and say his ABC's (for more than a year now!). He memorizes scripture and tells stories and sings me song after song. He is such a joy in this house and in our "class".

My littlest daughter is the class bully - and just for the record we are discouraging that quality- She is very opinionated, talks up a storm and knows what she wants when she wants it. She has a free spirit and has not a shy bone in her body. Keep in mind she is only 2!

I don't watch the View, in fact I found this info on a fellow homeschooler's blog
I found it bothersome. Heather suggested that we write to ABC as homeschoolers to debunk what Joy said during this broadcast. She actually called homeschooled kids "demented" c'mon, really? Just for the record as a homeschool mom I don't watch much tv at all as I am investing my time in my children's education.

Now am I saying that all homeschoolers are committed? Certainly there are those who do give homeschooling a bad name. But all the homeschoolers I know personally invest time, energy, and education into their children because our children are worth it. We don't sit around watching cartoons all day. We serve and volunteer at the church and the library we play games with friends at the park day on Friday, we do organized sports when it suits us, we take music lessons and learn. We enter art shows. We speak with other people.

I understand that homeschooling is not for everyone. I do not suggest everyone homeschool. I believe it is a personal choice. I think that if you believe sending your kids to public school or even private school is the answer that is ok. But for the millions of committed homeschoolers I don't think it's fair that Joy (on the view) can get up before America and call our children "demented".

(just for the record I went to public school through 8th grade & was private school from 9-12th grade- this doesnt change the stance I have on homeschooling today)

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Casey said...

I have never been a fan of the View...most of the opinions on that show are loud mouthed and without merit. I refuse to watch them and give them any type of ratings. I think it started when Rosie started all of her Trump scandals and bring attention to her own loser family....doesn't she homeschool?
No idea...
Anyway, you have long since known I am not a mother who is called to homeschool. I think it is great for those who can do it, but that is not me. There us calue in both settings and in my opinon Joy Behar is not an authority on either one.