Wednesday, November 26, 2008

kids coloring (thanksgiving theme)

Over the river and through the woods
to our good friends house we go
they horse doesn't know the way
so we took the truck instead
up to the mountain we go...oooh!

The cool mountain air
the fellowship there
and pumpkin pie to eat

so if we're away
and cannot say
Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Here is a note
to tell you you're missed
and wish you a thankful turkey day!!!
Micah was thanking God not only for our family but also for 2 other special families we know and love who both happen to have 8 children each!!!! Daddy looked at it and asked,
"Is this how many children he wants in our family?"

Hezekiah colored this scripture
Arianna did a terrific job coloring these praying pilgrims
{I stand corrected... Arianna said "Justyn colored THAT one!"}
Justyn got creative and gave this turkey a 3D beak & gobbler
A cross by Hezekiah

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