Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Please read this link

Instead of my spin go here and read what Greg Stier the President of Dare 2 Share has to say

Although, its funny I was talking to my dad a few days ago who has been a die hard democrat for years and he said to me "we have to vote for Mccain" For my dad it wasn't about Christianity but even he sees how politics have changed over the years, back when he was voting in Kennedy there wasn't stem cell research, gay marriage and other things on the agenda. It was simply about which "good guy" was the best guy. Things sure have changed through the years.

And we do submit to that authority. My husband is a United States Marine and has a new commander in chief. With Mr President elects plan to downsize our military my husband just re-enlisted for 4 more years to ENSURE he got his 20 year mark (in contract form) to take him over that hump. At the end of that line only God Knows. Thanks Greg for your words of wisdom today, when I have none.


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Casey said...

remember when we sat in the Renee and myself waiting on people to come and get their kids....and they were all ours.