Monday, May 28, 2012

Wet Paint


my favorite poet as a teen was Lois Wyse. There was just something about her poetry that described me. I found a handful of her poems today while unpacking that I had copied. and this one..although not always.. sometimes still applies to me.

Wet Paint

In the park
I like so much
There is a bench
And over it there is a sign
Wet Paint.

          Do not sit.
          Do not touch.
          Do not disturb.

I was born under that sign.

          For there are days I cannot function in your life.
          There are times I am wet paint.

But do remember this, my love,
When I seem freshly striped:
Wet paint dries faster in the sun,
and you must learn to un-
derstand that even in the warmth of all your love
There are still times my paint is slow to dry.
So give me time, and meanwhile

         Do not sit.
         Do not touch.
         Do not disturb.

I need new paint.
I also need the sun.
          Lois Wyse

if you enjoyed this one you can get the book here

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