Friday, May 11, 2012

My Friend Casey 
has challenged me to do this on fridays to get back into the swing of blogging. 5 minutes. unscripted. unedited. raw blogging at it's finest ( or worst) soo here goes....

Tonight is prom for my eldest girlie. I didn't expect her to attend a prom much less a Christian Homeschool Prom. I am so excited. My mom will arrive shortly to do an updo on her hair. I am doing her nails... & then we will head over to her friend's to get ready. Well, she will get ready with the other girls & I will laugh, sit back, enjoy & take photos.

& then it's down the hill for an evening of dress up & glamour. Where little girls dress up to be princesses... for a night. Because all little girls want to dress up from time to time & be beautiful and feel like cinderella.

well my pizza timer for lunch is beeping so that means my 5 minutes is up.

Have a great Friday!

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Casey C. Springer said...

Good job! Did you catch the tag word Identity...not a fun one for me