Friday, May 4, 2012


silence. empty blog space. empty journals. but life has not been remotely quiet. busyness. new baby. new house. unpack boxes. make dinner. homeschool the kidlets.see my husband retire from the usmc. happens faster then you can blink... & then the baby turned 2 months old.reading books. memorizing Awana verses. blink again. another week or two gone. lunch with my mom. An afternoon with friends.the horse Joey comes home ... family days. shopping for a prom dress. blink. no don't! blink cuz I might miss something. and I really don't want to keep missing things. so absence, not silence. from blogging happened.

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Casey C. Springer said...

don't blink ;)

Check out the 5 on Friday's on my blog...might be a way to get you back in the groove.